Saturday, October 23, 2010


Date of Experience

Sunday 10/10/2010

Venue Experience

Around the water tank at back of UBD campus along
road from UBD library to back access to UBD

Purpose of Experience

To learn how to plant trees the RIGHT way and also to study the importance of planting/taking care of trees and the effects of global warming.

What was the highlight of the experience?

-The trees and fertilizers was provided to us FOR FREE by the Forestry Department of MIPR. now who wouldn't be happy. Thanks lecturers :D

-Finish planting all four trees in the end of the activity, was like finishing a 100km marathon around Brunei. Before I never had any experience in planting trees, This is really one of the highlights of the activity. How to plant a tree, choose a suitable location/site, learn how to take care of the plants until they are grown up and be part of the people/team who cares about the environment was really the main highlight of this tree planting activity.

What aspect of the experience caused you the most anxiety?

-I have planted flowers before (with guidance of my mom :p) but never planted a tree before. So i feel a bit worried whether i did a good in planting one and will it be able to grow up until it can survive on its own. Few days back i've visited my planted trees and one of them was dying. I was dumbfounded, where did i go wrong?i watered it 2 times a week, i did gave it fertilizers before. so was it the soil or was it because of the sunshine?

Thus the point is that,this activity has taught me to learn and acknowledge more ways to take care, maintain and analyze the trees growth.

( i think i need to visit the forestry department, i need 1 new trees:/ )

Was there any aspect of the experience that surprised you?

- What Surprised me the most is how easy it was to plant these trees, with proper guidance and tools that is :)

-A lot of labour work is needed to plant one trees until it grows up. Also takes years and years for it to grow big. Cutting and chopping it down, on the other hand, is really fast and easy.

-At first i thought we will be planting trees on the side of the road, so im expecting an easy job ahead. It is when i arrived at the planting location. Didn't knew that we have to walk through a thick, long, sharp grass and find our own planting location. So that was another highlight of this experience. I was also surprised on how willing and excited people (students) are at joining this activity. So happy to be part of them who are courageous to help the environment :)

What were the three most important things you learnt from the experience?


Planting a tree can have tremendous influences on communities. Tree planting improves our environment. Planting a tree can decrease energy costs. To plant a tree can enhance our quality of life and improve our health. I can't think of many things that touch us so completely as does planting a tree. My point is, we need trees to be planted!

2. Before begin Planting a tree you need to purchase the right planting equipment. Using proper equipment correctly will insure proper planting and makes the job much easier for the planter. Trust me on this, today I only bring a small scoop and after 30 minutes of digging, im going nowhere! Jobs are much more easier after I borrowed my friends equipments. Your mother gardening tools does the job perfectly..

3. Use common sense when planting a tree. If the tree is expected to grow tall or expand widely give it the room it needs for future growth. Understanding species moisture, light and soil needs is extremely important for the trees to grow

If it weren't for this tree planting activity, I would not know how to plant and how to take care of this newly planted trees. Before i always think that planting young trees is a piece of cake. It doesn't need a rocket scientist to plant a tree too though.Just with The proper way, and the right equipments. the jobs will be much more easier.

Which aspects would you include in your future behaviour based on your learning from this experience?

- This activity has changed my point of view towards all living plants. Trees help to reduce global warming by 'cleaning the air'. Absorbing Carbon dioxide and releasing Free Clean oxygen to us living creatures.

Everyday, thousands of trees are cut down illegally at an alarming rate for farming, Houses, etc. Just to satisfy the need of us humans. Remember than forest are where animals and other organisms live/search for food. Thus if trees are cut down. Not only will it endangered ourselves, but them plants and animals too.

From now on, I will start encouraging my friends to plant trees as well, tell them the effects of Global warming and the effects of cutting down of trees, the illegal way. I'll also try to recycle newspaper, boxes, tissues and use them the least amount as i can, remember these stuffs are also made from trees to.

also Remember to "Go Green" in everything we do, its not just for ourselves, but our future generations life aswell.

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